Who is Kevin?


Child of God -- Creator -- Father

Volunteer -- Public Servant -- Veteran

Photographic Artist


Starting over 30 years ago as a photographer with a Kodak Disc 4000 pocket film camera, I have grown my skills and passion for visually celebrating life and the people and places and events most special to me and my family.  For the past 13 years, I have been creating digital images, publishing them to the web, and sharing shots that make people smile.



I am a versatile and experienced photographer--taking arranged (posed), candid, and action shots of a wide range of subjects in a broad range of settings. Highlights include:

  • Team Photographer for 25 seasons and 12 indoor and outdoor sports
  • Life events: Family gatherings (holiday shots, reunions, beach shots) and celebrations
  • Church events, picnics, retreats
  • Workplace/Small Business/Service Program/Local Government support
  • Academic, Athletic, and Eagle Scout award ceremonies
  • Formal pre-dance events (taking posed and candid group shots of dozens of teenagers…9 different events)
  • Indoor Performances (Dance Recitals, Musicals, Orchestras)
  • Art expositions
  • Concerts
  • Pets
  • Baby photos
  • Weddings

I enjoy capturing freakishly large numbers of fun and inspiring images (and have, on all 7 continents).  Documenting and celebrating people, places, and events, I visually savor Life and try to make a difference with a digital SLR system, specialized lenses / lighting accessories, and post-processing skills & equipment. 

What sets me apart?

My passion and purpose and vision for helping those who help others. 

Let’s work together and make a positive difference in our community!