Connect - Serve - Inspire


images for Good (ifG) is a Mentored Service Photography nonprofit. 

Our all-volunteer program focuses on closing opportunity gaps through Youth Development and Social Innovation, partnering with other programs to use photography as a tool of change. 

  • Students grow and become service leaders as they receive opportunities to serve, equipment to use, and mentors to guide them. 
  • Programs benefit from our volunteers and expertise by receiving quality images to tell important stories in our community, and these programs in turn assist us in growing community capacity to cultivate more Storytellers.

Working together, we

  • Amplify the impact of service being performed
  • Create new service leaders & capability in our communities


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Along the way, we ensure that everything we do contributes directly to

Relevance, Sustainability, and Growth.

By connecting people with special images, sparking service, and raising funds to help others...we are working together to improve our community. 


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