Thank you for letting images for Good create photographs of this community event --we are fortunate to be able to support this program using the talents of our Students, Veterans, and their Supporters.  

images for Good helps Students & Veterans use photography to help our community

-- and become Service Leaders.

  • Our 501c3 program helps better tell the important stories of service organizations, allowing them to more deeply engage with others -- by creating images that matter.
  • Working with you, we invest in Students & Veterans by providing them the opportunities, equipment, and mentoring they need to make a difference in our community – positioning them to share their unique gifts with others in ways where EVERYBODY WINS.
  • images for Good (ifG) has been performing Service Photography in the DC Metro area (providing professional-grade photographic services and images to organizations not normally able to afford this support) since March 2015.

To see (and download) images from this event, please use the link below: 

            TEDxAshburn at the Lost Rhino

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